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Cold & Coffee

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It’s really cold here in Louisville today.

weatherSo, along with wearing lots of clothes {two pairs of pants + knee socks + three shirts + a scarf} I’m drinking lots of coffee and tea in an attempt to stay warm and survive until the weather warms up in a couple of days.

So, in honor of the cold and my new {bigger & better} french press here is my ‘recipe’ for the perfect cup of coffee:

coffee 1Step 1: grind your beans – one big scoop per cup of water

coffee 2Step 2: add ground coffee to french press {optional step 2a – warm the press first by filling with hot water for a couple of seconds}

coffee 3Step 3: add almost boiling water to your french press

coffee 4Step 4: wrap the french press to keep the heat in & wait 4 minutes before pouring

There you have it – a great cup of coffee in four minutes + the time it takes to boil water. Not bad, and a great way to start and/or end a cold winter day!


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