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Quick Christmas Pictures

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We like Instagram because it gives us the option to take quick pictures that we might otherwise miss with our real cameras. Here are a few we took this week as we celebrated Christmas.

dessert. instagram. flats to lofts{ Christmas Eve dessert by the tree – s’mores in a bowl are so much easier since we don’t have a fireplace }

'new' fire pit for christmas. flats to lofts{ the niece & nephew in Florida get to have the real version in the ‘new’ chiminea }

tree. instagram. flats to lofts{ pretty wrapping paper makes me happy & bows make the dachshunds happy }

@ lighthouse point. flats to lotfs{ going for a walk Christmas morning @ Lighthouse Point }

kites for christmas. flats to lofts


christmas kite surfers. flats to lofts{ getting to watch the wind surfers brave the cold (for Floridians) water }

books. instagram. flats to lofts{ living with an author = lots of books for Christmas }

{ Ruthanne & Sarabeth }


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