From Flats To Lofts

our lives within these walls


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After several of ‘our’ bookcases packed up and went South to prepare for their move to Europe I had little choice but to do some rearranging. One of the leaning bookcases that formerly lived in the office nook was moved into the bedroom and now holds a few books and a basket for extra closet storage.

bookcase in the bedroom. flats to lofts

This wall looked so sad and empty after having a small bookcase and a lamp there, but I think this taller bookcase is a great alternative. It gives us storage for the books currently on Andy’s reading list, a place to put the medicine box, and even space for a basket of jeans since our closet is so narrow (it doesn’t even fit a hanger).

The faux sheepskin on the floor is super soft, Prim loves it, and hides the hole in the carpet from when I spilled bleach the first summer we lived in the loft. The Christmas lights won’t always be there, but add a fun & festive touch for Christmas.


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