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Christmas Wrapping Battles

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For the first time since pre-marriage, I’m spending Christmas at home. When we were living in the States, Evan and I were always too far away to come home for Christmas. Work and school and life always made vacations limited, and better spent in summer months. And so, we created our own holiday traditions that thankfully included Sarabeth and Andy once they too moved to Louisville.

Being home for Christmas again is sweet in so many ways and odd in others. It’s fun having the hubbub of the larger family about. Fun not tearing up when songs like, “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” come up on the playlist, and much less stressful knowing that I am not in charge of the holiday cooking.

For the first time ever this year, I’m trying to do my holiday gift wrapping well before Christmas Eve. I have loved in the past the excitement of last-minute wrapping that takes place on Christmas Eve, but never liked when a little wrapping turned into a lot, and so  spent the better part of Christmas Eve night wrapping presents and not enjoying the time with Evan watching Christmas movies.

The other day I had a few hours alone at home, and so set about wrapping presents. I managed to finish off some rolls of wrapping paper which always makes me feel more accomplished, but also reminded me of holidays as a kid. When we were younger (as I imagine most kids did) when a roll of wrapping paper was finished, we saved the cardboard stick for light saber battles. I was sorely disappointed by how flimsy this year’s cardboard sticks were, instantly thinking that they would have been way too flimsy to ever win a battle. We had some as kids that could do some serious damage! The battle was always won by whoever was left standing with a cardboard stick still in one piece, and not having unraveled in the midst of the fight. I don’t remember any injuries or fighting during such games, though I’m sure Mom might remember them differently.

No matter what the holiday tradition or memory, or how they have changed over the years, and are sure to change in the years to come, I’m thankful for Christmas memories. The reminder of a blessed childhood and wonderful life now that enables us to continue making memories that are worth remembering for years to come.

Christmas Wrapping Wars| Flats to Lofts

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