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Let It Snow

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It snowed in Kentucky on Friday. I have to admit that I was beyond thrilled. Even though we decided to make a quick trip to the KY/WV boarded to have breakfast and lunch with some dear friends, and then, having not watched any sort of news in a week, were oblivious to the fact that we would be driving back into an ice storm, I was thrilled!

We ended up getting some ice and snow which left the city glistening in wintry beauty and the stores completely sold out of sleds. The stores have been sold out of sleds every time I have ever tried to go buy one, but I have never learned my lesson to buy in advance.

We took the opportunity Saturday to take some snowy pictures. I came up with the great idea to try to get an action shot. The results weren’t exactly what I had in mind, but I did learn something from the photos below. Sarabeth (on the left) is (1) much more photogenic than me and (2) I have the exactly same expression and stance in every picture. I need to change it up!

Louisville Snow | Flats to Lofts IMG_9813 IMG_9815

I haven’t seen snow in 3 years, and heading back to Florida this week pretty much guarantees that this will be my one and only snowy day this year, and so regardless of how bad the pictures might be, I’m glad to have had a day to walk around in the snow, freezing to death, for a few hours.

(and yes, we are wearing the exact same coat in different colors. It’s a thing we like to do, but hope people don’t realize. We tend to like what the other one buys and end up both having about 50% of the same clothing and accessories. It’s much less awkward when you don’t live in the same town when doing this)

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