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Making a List

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When we were growing up we all had to have a Christmas list for Mom made up by Thanksgiving afternoon (I think). This was probably because she went shopping with Grandma after Thanksgiving for gifts. In honor of Thanksgiving next week here is a short list of things we might like to see under the tree.

making a list. 1. Flats to Lofts{you can never have too much art, especially of the Mini variety}

making a list. 2. Flats to Lofts{our father went to Ohio State, so we like it by association}

making a list. 3. Flats to Lofts{this makes me want to bake a pie…or three}

So, there you have it. A short list of what we’d like. We are excited to be able to shop together next Friday, but I can’t guarantee we’ll be up early. We aren’t exactly fond of standing out in the cold morning air. What’s on your list?


One thought on “Making a List

  1. A Bluray player, a flatscreen, and a raise!

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