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By now you have all probably figured out that we love dachshunds. Between the Pinterest boards, the blog, the dachshund statue in the office, and the four dachshunds we have running around it’s kind of a difficult thing to hide. From our experience dachshunds are great pets, although they may be a little loud when defending the home against any and every noise/passerby. They are usually healthy, and the only real issue we know of has to do with their backs. They are long and it’s easy for them to hurt themselves if they jump off of furniture or even with rough play.

Pixie.1.Flats to Lofts

We knew about these back problems before getting dachshunds, and just hoped it would never happen to our girls. But, unfortunately Pixie was diagnosed with acute IVDD last Thursday afternoon. IVDD stands for intervertebral disk disease, and in Pixie’s case needed surgery to correct the issue.

Pixie ended up with an enlarged disk in the middle of her back – at about the bottom of her ribs. This is the most common place for this issue to show up. Or so the surgeon told us. He was hopeful that she would make a full recovery, and so far we are seeing great results.

Pixie.2.Flats to Lofts

We were able to pick her up the morning after surgery. At that time she was able to move her back legs a bit, but by evening she was wagging her tail and, like usual, wanting to be close by my side at all times. Almost a week later, she is able to walk, but is wobbly. The hard part now is keeping her mostly still for the next seven weeks. So we keep her in her bed or let her sit on the couch on my lap in the evenings.

We are just happy to have her home, and can’t wait until we can go on walks and play again. I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to January as much as I am this year.


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