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You would think that going from one dachshund to three and then four would leave us with little room for improvement in the way we organize all of their stuff. But, it seems that going from four back down to two left us with a bit of an issue when it comes to food storage.

Now this is really only technically an issue because for now we have both puppy and adult food we need to store, and so at the end of Prim’s first year of life our problem would go away anyway. But, I didn’t want to live for a year with a plastic container of puppy food in our office nook.

So, when we did a little rearranging we ended up with the perfect solution. A small bookcase in between the living room and office areas with just enough room for a couple of glass jars.

food storage. The Dachshund Blog

One for Prim’s puppy food, and the other for Pixie’s mix of diet & regular food (we have to keep these dachshunds slim to help prevent back issues). This system saves us space in our small kitchen, and makes breakfast and dinner easier since the girls’ food is right next to their beds and the window where they like to eat. We decided the extra jar can be used for dog cookie storage once both of them are eating the same thing next summer.

{Check out The Dachshund Blog for more pictures of our 4 little dachshunds.}

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