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Cork Board in the Kitchen

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The kitchen in the loft is closed off, dark, and boring. To help the boring part we spray painted the electrical box with chalkboard paint last year, and hung some pictures on the other side of the refrigerator. For a while we had one framed piece and two that were taped up. I recently framed a little chalkboard print, and then decided to make a cork board out of recycled wine corks.


My dad has been saving his corks for me all year, so I came home from our Florida vacation with several to choose from. I picked out a nice variety and arranged them in a somewhat interesting way. Then I just hot glued the pieces together end to end until I had several rows of corks. Then I put them face down and glued along the sides to hold them together.


This isn’t supper strong or sturdy, but for a mostly decorative piece it works. Now I just need to find some cute push pins and decide what picture I want up there.



One thought on “Cork Board in the Kitchen

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