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Cookie Failure & Loft Updates

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Well, I never did get around to making our candy corn Halloween Reformation Day cookies last weekend. Ruthanne made some with a sugar cookie recipe she found, but from what I hear, then flattened out too much during baking – we think because the dough was too soft. Next year we will stick the store bought cookie mix, and pretend it isn’t full of preservatives and who knows what else!

Instead of cookie baking we were changing out our not so great towel bar in the guest bathroom.


We now have three hooks from Ikea – the place where they never include the necessary parts to actually attach something to a wall. So Prim and I took a little trip to Home Depot Sunday afternoon.

The good news is that we both really like the change, and now know what to do, and not do, when the other bathroom gets the same update. We also added a little step stool to the bathroom. Ikea again, because they are cheap and we can’t resist after a trip to see my grandparents and uncles in Cincinnati.


It fills up the kind of weird space caused by the angled wall in this bathroom, and we think it will be nice when we have little kids needing to wash their hand. Plus, it’s cute, and I like cute things. It was quick to put together, but there was one unfortunate incident with super glue, my hand, and Pixie’s head. Thankfully we all survived, and Pix is now glue free. Just the way we like her!


Speaking of small children, we may have some one day. Soon hopefully. It looks like maybe even this year! So, I finally finished the guest room/nursery/kids room. With the addition of new curtains, a couple of paper chains over the crib, and a new lamp I think we are really ready to go.



Obviously nothing is ever guaranteed with foster care and/or adoption, but we are excited to put this space to use! Other than the occasional overnight visitor this room has been empty for much too long. Although, we are so excited that Ruthanne & Evan, and our mom will be here for Thanksgiving this year. And, I promise, we will do better with the holiday baking from here on out.


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