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Happy Halloween

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Even though we don’t have kids, I get excited about just about every holiday there is. When chosing a favorite holiday, it is like asking me to choose my favorite parent, you just can’t. But, I have to be honest, my least favorite holiday is Halloween. I’m not a fan of getting scared, and I get scared easily, so Halloween isn’t really up my alley. . . especially with the zombie craze that has hit the US since the last time I spent Halloween here back in 2010! 

I do, however, love candy, fall decor, and any reason to make a day special. So some years back, I set out to redeem Halloween in my life. I have a long-held belief that all fall decorations (with the exception of turkeys that are reserved until November) ought to be put up on September 1. With that comes a candy dish that must have seasonally appropriate candy. I think I’ve only ever carved 2 pumpkins in my life time, but I do love picking pumpkins and placing them around the house. Again, the more the merrier! 

A few years back, Sarabeth and I stumbled upon this recipe for candy corn sugar cookies. How could we pass it up? And so, we started a tradition where each year on Halloween we eat candy corn sugar cookies (which are HIGHLY addicting and likely the best sugar cookies on the face on the earth), and watch the movie Luther. 

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies | Flats to Lofts

Now, is you haven’t seen Luther, it’s great. Why we watch it on Halloween you ask? Well, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses on the door of Wittenberg church on  All Hallow’s Eve aka Halloween back in 1517 and thus “began” the Protestant Reformation. Leading into the larger holiday season, it is always good to stop and reflect. On a night where I could be scared senseless in any number of ways, it’s nice to sit around with a bowl full (at least it’s full at the beginning of the night) of candy corn cookies and a movie that, far from being scary, reminds me to be thankful, and so ushers me into a season of thankfulness that begins tomorrow morning. 

This year, Sarabeth will be following the “traditional” recipe using store-bought sugar cookie dough. Since I have more time on my hands, I’ll be attempting the cookies with a homemade sugar cookie recipe. We’ll see how they turn out. Since the varying batches are countless miles apart from each other, we won’t have a true taste comparison,but we’ll try to give you our results next week. It will be late for your own little Halloween events tonight, but maybe it will give you a jump on planning for next year!


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