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Cooking without Dad

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A few weeks ago Ruthanne made french bread with our father. It looked delicious and I admit I was jealous watching them eat it (Facetime makes these things possible, and is how we survived two years with her in India). I have made bread a few times, but never really want to spend all day Saturday or Sunday in the kitchen. So, I made fresh bread the lazy way.

pizza dough bread . 1. Flats to Lofts

I simply buy a pizza dough from Trader Joe’s for about $1.20, shape it into somewhat of a loaf, coat it with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and rosemary, and then bake it for 35-45 minutes at around 385 degrees. Sometimes we let to cool and use it for toast in the morning. Other times we are impatient and eat it right away.

pizza dough bread . 2. Flats to LoftsEither way it’s good, and doesn’t take long. And, since it was just enough dough for a single pizza, we don’t end up with tons of bread so it works out better for us in the long run. We get fresh bread, but no so much that our pants don’t fit the following morning.


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