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The Furniture Hunt Begins

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With Evan continuing to get better and better each day, we seem to be one step closer to moving overseas . . . again.

The beauty this time is that we get to take our furniture and various earthly belongings with us. We don’t have many earthly belongings at this point, beyond bookshelves scattered at my parent’s and Sarabeth’s houses, some holiday decorations and nicknacks I couldn’t bare to part with when we sold everything to move to India.

what to buy before move # 2.  (2). Flats to Lofts{here}

It’s kind of like getting married all over again, without the wedding of course. We need virtually everything to run a household, have to buy it in a short amount of time, and have limited funds to do so.  Evan and I got engaged in October and married in January, and so it is almost exactly like all of the pre-wedding registrations and shopping, only this time we are much older and won’t have generous donations coming in from all of the “well-wishers.”

My style has changed a lot over the last 8 years we’ve been married as well. I’m more eclectic now, but still think anything below Pottery Barn is a compromise. Not that I have ever earned anything that I didn’t find in a clearance bin at Pottery Barn, but like most people, my taste is bigger than my budget.

what to buy before move # 2.  (3). Flats to Lofts.{here}

I would love a grey couch and a four post bed. Beyond that, I have a few ideas I have pulled from pinterest inspirtation, but am struggling with visualizing exactly what I want our new home to be like. I want it to be warm and inviting, and comfortable, but with clean lines.

what to buy before move # 2. Flats to Lofts{here}

So, what do I do when shopping for furniture all over again? I don’t know! I started looking on craigslist last night looking for high end items that have been sitting unused in someone’s house, who has more money than they know what to do with, for the past year. Evan, and probably my sister, think that craigslist can be a slippery slope. I’m also hoping to look at some local consignment shops to see what options might be out there before we start hitting up the mainstream furniture places.

There are always a lot of unknowns with moving overseas. We don’t know what housing will be like. If it will be big or small, with or without adequate storage. What sort of “built-ins” typically come in flats and houses. I don’t know.

If you have suggestions on buying furniture and home goods that are quality but on a budget, I need help! This is where I am infinitely thankful for a sister who has great taste and can give input, I just wish, as always, she was a little bit closer!


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