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Sisters & Bookcases

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Sisters are great. Mine is anyway. Sure, she always made me turn off the cassette tape of The Fox and the Hound, and she sometimes wanted to squish the heads of our Barbies for no apparent reason, but all in all the decades we’ve had together so far have been wonderful.

She moved to India two years ago, and left several things at my house for safekeeping. Her dogs being the most important. However, I also have lamps, paintings, picture frames, Christmas decorations, and bookcases.

Now that she is back, she is starting to collect these items. With their future plans still a bit uncertain, the dachshunds are the only things that have left, and they were of course the hardest to let go! But, the other items will also be leaving, probably around Thanksgiving, in preparation for a potential move back overseas (we will of course share all the details once they are a bit more firm!)

We are now in the process of deciding what to do in the office nook for book storage. We have a couple hundred books in the loft, and they need a home. I thought it might be fun to share a couple of ideas we are considering:


Basic Ikea floating shelves. Andrew likes these the best, but we aren’t sure about cutting them to the proper length. We will have to consult the Ohio relatives with workshops and knowledge of such things!


This method would give us more flexibility for shelf length and placement, which would be great considering the small off-centered window we have in the area. Maybe something with darker brackets that would blend in better with our purple wall, and Andrew’s metal desk legs.

We will have to do some more shopping in the next month, and probably break out the measuring tape again!


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