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nursery art. Flats to LoftsI finally feel like we are making some progress in decorating the nursery. While I have had old art stored in the corners, the walls have been blank for months now. I was having a really hard time deciding what to put up, what colors to use, etc. Not knowing if we will have girls, boys, or both was really making everything more difficult than it needed to be. I never wanted a nursery filled with Winnie the Pooh and Little Einsteins characters. So I decided to paint a couple of pieces that would fit in with the rest of our loft, and that would be versatile enough to last for several years as our child or children grow up.

Just last week I decided to paint over a couple of old canvases I had up during college. The blues didn’t watch anything in the loft, except the underside of the quilt on our bed. And while I love starfish, I didn’t want a beach theme in this room. Like the rest of our home, I wanted to use greys with accents of green & orange.

old art. Flats to Lofts

So, I used old canvases and leftover paint to create something new that matches better. These two are pretty much the kid’s version of what we have in our dining room, but their smaller size fits perfectly on the wall between the closet doors in the nursery. We are looking for a small lamp to add to this night stand, and then this small area will be done. I am thinking about doing another piece with similar colors to hang in a collage above the bookcase, but we will see what happens when I start painting tonight.

nursery art 2. Flats to Lofts

It took a couple of coats of green paint to cover the blue, but it was definitely worth the extra steps to reuse these old canvases that have been taking up space in out closets for a couple of years. The less than perfect circles help hide the still slightly visible outline of the old starfish.


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