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It’s hard to beat the windows that Sarabeth and Andy have in their living room. The sun that pours in throughout the day is amazing. Roxy and Sydney are rather partial to laying in the sun, and ironically, have been missing the sun spots they had in Kentucky.


Roxy in the Sun | Flats to Lofts

The other day, Roxy pulled the blanket she sleeps on from the bedroom out to the rug in the kitchen where the sun shines for an hour or so each morning. She values comfort, and was a classic moment to see her walking through the house with a huge blanket trailing behind!

2 thoughts on “Roxy

  1. Its fun to read these and it makes me laugh because we have a little Chiweenie and oh my….she waits for the blinds to open each morning so she can find her sun spot….love the pic

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