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Cheese Eating

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My dad loves cheese. As a natural result, we all love cheese. It could be a food group all of its own, and when you start looking at the calorie and fat found in cheese, it is shocking how quickly you can eat your daily calorie intake when indulging in a little chunk of cheese.

I strongly believe that everything is good in moderation. I’m not a huge calorie counter or exerciser, but try to balance both to keep off weight.

Cheese, however, will be a constant in life. No matter how much or how little, it’s good.

cheese plate

Dad likes to splurge on good cheese and then munch on it as an appetizer during dinner prep throughout the week. This week’s cheese included gouda and gruyere (which I learned is in the swiss family).

And, it was as these cheeses were enjoyed in the kitchen that I learned a Handy Cheese Eating Tip:

The flavor of cheese is dulled when it is cold.

To truly appreciate the flavor, it needs to be warmed to nearly room temperature

The difference it truly amazing. And, if you have a stronger, better quality cheese, you won’t feel the need to eat as much because the flavor goes much further. This saves calories without removing cheese from the diet.


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