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Florida Vacation

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It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since the whole family was in Florida. When we visit Florida there are typically a few things on our must do list:

1. Go to the beach

2. Eat Laspadas (Laspadads=the best subs in the entire world)

3. Go to the beach

4. Eat Tijuana Flats

5. Go to the beach

Since that list basically consists of the beach and eating, we typically combine both into a day. Tuesdays are Tijuana Flats’ “Taco Tuesday” and so the Tuesday that we were all in Florida, we went for a walk on the beach and then picked up Taco Tuesday on the way home.

We have always loved the idea of pictures of dachshunds on the beach, and so to try to finally get a few of such pictures, Prim came along.

Blue and Tan Dachshund | Flats to Lofts

She really is a pretty gorgeous puppy and is full of personality. She did great at the beach, even if she did take a bit longer on the walk than our father would have preferred because she wanted to sniff everything and he wanted a little exercise.

The “boys” in the family get along incredibly. And so, they were all for standing on pilings sticking out of the water at low tide. It might have ended in Evan (clearly pre-surgery) trying to jump on Dad and Dad trying to push him off, but what else would you expect from an evening at the beach?

Florida Vacation | Flats to Lofts


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