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One Step Closer

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It sounds like we are finally making some progress in the foster-to-adopt program. Some mix up/lost paperwork lead to my KY background check never being started, but we have all the paperwork for that turned in, and the state has thankfully already received the information from Florida, California, and Washington. I feel like this whole process would have been much easier if we hadn’t lived all over the place during the last five years, but there isn’t much we can do except wait. It is really all we have been doing since February. So, now we wait for two things: my KY background check, and our finally approval by the state. Then I suppose we wait for a child or two to show up at our door.

In the meantime, we have finally started to decorate what will be the nursery. Decorate may actually be too strong a word… We set up the crib, from Ikea, and added books and toys we got from my parents and niece and nephew when we were visiting last month.

nursery progress. flats to lofts

We have several pictures to hang, and some canvases I want to paint over, but I think I will wait on this until we are approved and have a child. So in the meantime I think we will continue to collect little things here and there, and I want to make a couple of blankets. But, it feels good knowing we are as prepared as we can be at this point. I just hope this waiting doesn’t go on for another seven months!


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