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Looks Like Fall

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Although it is still technically summer, Ruthanne and I both like to celebrate September by decorating for fall. It helps that the temps have been in the 60s each morning this week (in KY anyway, not so much for Ruthanne who is still in Florida enjoying pool days and the beach).

west elm white pumpkins. flats to lofts

I don’t have a huge supply of fall decorations, but I think a few pumpkins here and there, some cinnamon scented pine cones on the dinning room table, and my Publix Pilgrims  are more than enough!

publix pilgrims. flats to lofts

The only other thing we need for fall is pumpkin, and apple, recipes. Thankfully we both have several Pinterest boards filled with things we love to bake all fall (and winter) long.


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