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It’s Almost Anthropologie

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flats_to_lofts_complete!Several months ago we added the Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea to our entry way. It added much needed shoe storage, and turned a slightly awkward space into something resembling a real entryway. We really like it, and have loved the storage for both us (shoes) and our dachshunds (leashes, bags, sweaters).

We knew when we got it that we would probably change out the plain black knobs for something with a little more character. I love the selection Anthropologie has, but didn’t necessarily want to spend $8-$15 per knob when we needed four!

Thankfully Ruthanne and Evan came to the rescue and found several cute, and cheap, options while they were living in South Asia. They gave us four knobs that have gold accents, which go nicely with the gold frame on our mirror.

shoe cabinet update.2

They were quick to switch out, but I think they made a big difference! I love that this plain little cabinet now has something to make it stand out a bit more, and maybe distract from our still orange and black floors!

shoe cabinet update.1


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