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My Old KY Home

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It’s hard to believe that we have been home over a month. It has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement, and the pressure of getting in every imaginable doctors appointment possible before our insurance runs out. Though I like to pretend I thrive off of schedules, I’ve yet to find a good schedule for daily life. With a lack of a consistent schedule comes a lack of reflection for me, which has made the past month even more of a whirlwind!


Louisville | Flats to Lofts

Though Evan and I are both from Florida, Kentucky has really become our home.  We are living back in Florida for the time being, but it was our two weeks in Kentucky with Sarabeth and Andy where we felt most at home. I admittedly didn’t handle it well when on our way to Sarabeth’s our first night in Kentucky when we drove past our old apartment. It got easier, but Kentucky will always be my home, and it was hard feeling homesick even though we were finally home.

We’ve been eating great food, and I’m finally finding my way back into the kitchen. Cooking in India was a whole different game than in the States, and so I wasn’t able to make any of the foods we loved at home. I’m just starting to feel like I can start making progress in the kitchen again. I have a list of things I want to “master” this fall while we are in Florida with our parents. My mom and dad are incredible cooks and so I have a lot to learn from them. On the list is bread, souffles, ice cream, risotto, and what I attempted for the first time tonight: donuts.

There will probably be plenty of fall recipes headed you way this fall. Until then, we are taking this next stage of life one day at a time. The doctors appointments are starting to finish up, just in time for interviews to begin!


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