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Vacation: More Beach Pictures

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We went to the beach most days while we were all in Florida together. Here are a few more pictures from those days.

beach ready{the south end of Deerfield beach is our favorite place. the secret free parking isn’t bad either!}

deerfield beach{the lifeguard stand. this is where Ruthanne took our engagement pictures five years ago.}

calm seas{grass was planted to protect the sand in hurricanes}

flags{purple: usually because of jelly fish. green: calm conditions}

hello little crab{we found a crab. he wasn’t interested in being saved and insisted on walking up towards the road}

under the sun{beach umbrellas double as clothes storage – it keeps stuff out of the sand}

off the rocks{don’t climb on the rocks. the lifeguards don’t appreciate it.}

storm clouds{we left before the rain started. also, I want to live in that blue building}


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