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Vacation: The Best Lunch Ever

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We aren’t even exaggerating, LaSpada’s is the best place for a sub in South Florida, and most likely the world. (We admit that Publix is a close contender.) We have one less than 5 minutes from where we grew up, and where our parents still live, so of course we made our way there for lunch on our first day of vacation. We had been up since the previous morning, and after driving 16 hours overnight, were more than ready for a big lunch!


We always order the same thing: one turkey and one tuna. Watching the guys at LaSpada’s trowing the turkey down the line is always entertaining and we are amazed that they never drop anything.

davie01{found here}

You probably can’t tell from the pictures, but these things are huge! We got two large subs (which are 12″ each) and had more than enough food for 8 people. So if you are ever in South Florida, don’t miss this place!!! We certainly don’t!


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