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Like a Farmer


We mentioned that we had been out to the farm to pick some peaches, apples, tomatoes, blueberries, and raspberries. Well, we actually went to two different farms (1 & 2). Same family, but apparently they don’t exactly get along. You know how cousins can be. 🙂

sisters 8.4{look! it’s us}

The weather was perfect, although we did come home with red shoulders. It is easy to forget that you can burn in KY in the summer, especially when it isn’t even 80 degrees! We were able to get some fun pictures, see some animals, and get enough summer apples to make Mom’s delicious apple dumplings (check back next week for the recipe).

So, here you go – pictures from our afternoon at Huber’s:

fun at the farm{tomatoes, llama blending into the hay, ripening blackberries, & blueberries}

on the tram to the fields{riding to the fields}

tomatoes and peaches{picking tomatoes & in the peach trees}

farmer joe.{could it be Farmer Joe himself?}

faux petting zoo{it’s almost like a petting zoo}

catch the blueberry{see the blueberry?}


2 thoughts on “Like a Farmer

  1. So cool! We’ve been meaning to go pick fruit but everytime we think of it the season is over- I need to get on this before summer is gone!

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