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Camera Case

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We haven’t had a working camera, outside of the one on our iPad, in several years. With the additions coming soon to the family, a puppy tomorrow and a baby hopefully as soon as KY gets our background checks in, we decided it was time to fix this situation. We would like to one day have a ‘good’ camera like Ruthanne, but that just wasn’t in the budget this time around. (Christmas hopefully!)

We went with a little Nikon that will be easy to transport, and had decent reviews. But, it needed a case, and the one we had was way too big. Ruthanne had the great idea to store our mini camera in an Altoids case. But, it would still need a bit of protection, so last night I made a little fabric pouch for it to slide into.

camera case

Because this is a case for inside another case I just cut a couple of scrap pieces of fabric – one grey and green for the outside, and one slightly smaller cotton for the inside – to help protect the screen of the camera from the metal of the Altoids box.

camera case.1

Then I just stitched up the sides and around the top. The whole project, including set up of the sewing machine, took only about 20 minutes. I think the end result is pretty cute, and it seems to work well! Not bad for a free project!

camera case.2


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