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Airline Luggage Tips

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Packing is “finished.” I hesitate to say it is actually done, because I know when moving things always magically appear in massive quantities in the last few hours, and since we are still a week out, I’m not holding my breath. But, knowing that to pack anything else will cost us an additional $200 in baggage fees, I’m hoping that keeps last minute items at bay.

Packing is never easy, but is especially difficult when moving from one country to another. In our case, everything we are taking has to go by plane with us, and the airline doesn’t seem to care that we are moving across the world again. They still have just of stringent of baggage allowances as if we had been on a 2 week vacation. We have tried to scale down and make the system work in our favor as well as we can.

So, this is what we have learned about moving everything via an airline:
1. Use lightweight luggage. We love “rice bags” that can be purchased in most countries in Asia. They weigh virtually nothing and are incredibly durable. This allows you to not waste weight on the bag itself.
2. Don’t buy luggage for the initial move that you will never use again. We purchased 4 “foot lockers” from Wal-Mart for a grand total of $60! Since we have miraculously been able to reduce our return luggage, 2 of these lockers will not be making the return with us. If we had bought expensive luggage, it would have been a much more difficult parting!
3. Make the system work to your advantage. We were able to cut out an entire $200 bag by paying to add weight to our other bags, saving us about $100 total. With a little bit of fore-thought you can save some money which is appreciated if like us, you don’t travel light!
4. Pay for additional luggage in advance on the airline’s website. This will be saving us anywhere for $50-60 per bag!

There is always anxiety actually going to the airport with tons of excessive weight luggage, always fearing that we read something wrong and will be out hundreds of additional dollars we didn’t plan on, but I think we have done all that we can. I might have more advice after making this long voyage west, but for now will relax knowing that the packing is behind us and we are one step closer to home!


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