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Finally! We have Curtains

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After what seems like weeks of failed attempts, we finally have the curtains hanging in the living room! It took several trips to home depot, a pot of drywall patch, and two different masonry bits, but we are loving them!


Being able to close them has made a huge difference in unwanted barking from the dachshunds, which is nice when we want to take a Sunday afternoon nap! For the most part the puppies don’t bother to peek through the curtains. We also think having them closed during the day when we are both working makes a difference in how much the a/c is running, which ends up saving us money! So, basically, we love them!

photo (1)

Being able to customize the Ikea curtains really saved us a lot of money, and I learned that sewing almost 11 feet of fabric at a time isn’t as hard as I thought! The dark grey on the bottom ties in nicely with the darker walls we have in the center of the loft, and the white above keeps them from overpowering the main living space. We still have a little bit of touch up painting to do, but that is an easy fix compared to the hard work that went into getting these to stay up.


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