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Babies and Puppies


We have mentioned a couple of times that we are in the process of being approved for foster-to-adopt in KY, and that we are thinking about adding a second dachshund to the family.

We are still without any foster-to-adopt news – the wait for background checks from the three states we have lived in during the last 5 years is ongoing. Until those are received we can’t move forward. We have, thankfully, received every indication that we will be approved, and so have started to get ready for a child (or two) to move in. We have a crib ready to be set up, a car seat we were able to purchase on sale, and some fun little toys that the dachshunds would love to play with.


And so , while we wait (it could be several more months), I have been looking at dachshund puppies – probably more than I should. But, about two weeks ago I found this little puppy:


She is a blue and tan miniature dachshund, and was born on May 21st. After anxiously waiting about for about a week and a half we finally found out Friday night that she would be ours (there was a long waiting list for her). We are so excited and have already purchased a puppy collar, and a couple of puppy toys. We should be able to pick her up in about two weeks.

So there are the updates from the Loft – we bought a puppy, who will be named Prim, and are still waiting for approval from the state for foster-to-adopt.


2 thoughts on “Babies and Puppies

  1. That process is so exciting, draining, stressful all rolled into one. We started the process and then had to put it on hold because of life circumstances, but I pray we can finish the process next summer or so… Good Luck 🙂

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