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Packing and Coconuts

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Packing begins Monday. Before we moved to Hyderabad we tried to go ahead and pack away anything that wasn’t necessary to use before finally heading to the States next month. We packed away gifts for family, seasonal decorations, and unrealistic items that we brought (like faux sheep fur pillow covers I thought would be great in winter!). That is 5 bags maxed out at 50 pounds, all sealed and ready to go. But, the airline that we thought we would be flying home changed a few months back, which means that we are on a much more costly baggage plan, and so repacking is required . . . of everything. That means that 5 bags that are at 50 pounds need to get up to 70 pounds so we can hopefully cut out at least 3 bags. No small feat when you have a father like mine and Sarabeth’s who has taught us to never pack light!

In preparation for the utter destruction our apartment is going to begin experiencing on Monday as sorting and packing starts again, today we did as much prep work in the kitchen as we could. Part of packing means that the essential items that will be coming back with us also have to be packed. And honestly, there really aren’t too many substitutes for a loaf pan, or muffin cups, or knives. The other day I planned out (as best I can for India) meals for the next three weeks to try to be able to plan ahead.

And so, there are currently muffins sitting in the freezer, a ginger lime soda concentrate freezing along side of it, and 10 cups of coconut!


Coconuts and Packing | Flats to Lofts

Evan spent 3 hours today grating coconuts, which yielded about 10 cups – just enough for 5 meals of mashuni and disk that will use up our remaining tuna and give us some light cooking days ahead. unfortunately for Evan, this isn’t enough coconut to make coconut chutney to go with our weekly Indian food days, and so sometime next week he will be at the table with a few more coconuts, but at least it is a huge start, and is 3 hours that can be spent elsewhere over the coming weeks.

No matter when or how you move, I think it is always stressful. Packing is always last minute, because there are essentials in your home that you can’t pack away weeks in advance. I do hope one day to be more organized and less prone to anxiety and stress and can spend more time looking forward to what the next stage of life holds instead of fretting about how to make it all fit in a suitcase.


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