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Culture Stress and Gnomes


Gnome Shuterfly Book | Flats To LoftsThis is my latest creation. It all started when Sarabeth received a free 20 pg. shutterfly book from She didn’t have a current need for it, so sent it my way, knowing that I am in the process of creating some photobooks of our time on this side of the world. You might remember that I had mentioned wanting to create a book of our roaming gnome’s adventures and this book was the perfect size for that project. I would like to eventually turn these books into a series of books (one perhaps for each region), but for now, I am excited that this little book will be waiting for me when I arrive home in a few weeks.

Today was one of those days in India when I’m convinced it is trying to kill me. After little sleep (due to a welcomed early morning skype call), our power went out this morning. It came back on 7 hours later. Only to go out an hour after that, and is still out now. 12 hours after it originally went out.

Culture shock is your initial knee-jerk reaction to the differences of other cultures. Culture stress is typically sparked by the same culture shock causing issues, it’s just a part of another culture that will always cause you stress, no matter how long you live in that culture. Culture stress hits me like the stress of finals week whenever the power goes out. It goes out virtually every day, but you never know if it will be for 5 minutes, or 12+ hours, like it is today. I constantly worry about the food in the fridge, how to made dinner without an over to reheat food, how to heat water for a warm shower. With monsoon it is no longer 115+ degrees in our apartment with is a welcomed blessing on days like today, when Indian culture stress hits full force. There are many things, good and bad, I’ll remember about India. One I won’t miss is the power outages.

Thankfully, this little gnome book is only the good memories, and as the years pass, hopefully that is what I hold on to, not the days without power.

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