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Painted Pots

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After what seemed like 45 trips to Home Depot to buy various drill bits, glue, and anchors I decided it was time for something fun. So I picked up a little plant to put in my newly painted flower pot. I don’t remember what it is exactly, but it is cute and green, and fits perfectly in my little flower pot. I added some moss around the edges and on top to help hide the dirt.


The flower pot was one of those basic terra ones you can buy for $1. I painted the whole thing a light grey and then used painters tape to mark off a coupled of inches on the bottom which I then painted green. I like how it looks, and the fact that it was free since I already had the pot and the paint!

While I was planting I decided it would be fun to put mu little aloe plant in a glass jar filled with sand and rocks from our beach in Florida. I left it in it’s original pot to help protect it from any salt in the sand, and the bonus is I don’t have to worry about drainage when I water it.


 This probably won’t last long as the aloe is growing quickly, but for now I think it looks beachy and summery sitting on top of a few of my surfing books.


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