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Plumbing 101

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Sometimes owning a house (loft) is overrated. Like when your husband is at work, and will not return for what seems like days, and your toilet starts leaking right after you discover that the curtains you just made and hung up are pulling the curtain rod out of the wall.

In moments like those I’m glad I have a dad who always answers his phone and a Home Depot nearby.

The leaking toilet was due to a faulty fresh water (so glad it was CLEAN!) pipe, and thankfully I was able to find this all-in-one piece for about $5.


Thanks to Andrew loosening the bolt for me in the middle of the night when he got home from work, and another quick trip to Home Depot for the right length of pipe on Sunday afternoon, I was able to fix the issue with minimal stress and mess.

Now I just have to finish patching the hole in my living room from the curtain mess, and maybe one day this week we will have working curtains!


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