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Myna Birds: A year later

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Nearly a year ago I finally figured out that the cute little birds that would sit and sing on our balcony in Kerala were called myna birds. I have since seem them in the Maldives and when we visited some old tombs (sounds exciting!) recently, they were everywhere! I tried, unsuccessfully, to get a good picture of a myna for a year, but every time I would reach for the camera they would get scared and fly away. The open space, and the abundance and mynas at the tombs finally gave me the opportunity!

Myna Birds | Flats To Lofts

I think mynas are just the cutest little birds and I love how vocal they are! The tombs also had adorable little green parrots that didn’t seem to be getting along with the mynas. They were the first parrots I have seen on this side of the world. There was also a bird that I at first thought was a chicken, but it wasn’t. It just had a really long tail with massive golden wings. I know, not very chicken like, but it was again a first for me.

“The Big Year” really got me into birds. I think they are interesting and pretty. I know nothing about them, but I do get excited when I see a new one. There is an “elusive” bird that I first saw/heard in the Maldives last fall. I think it is black. It has an incredibly distinctive call that is very loud. I have since heard it in Kerala and now here in Hyderabad. I don’t know what it is, have never really seen it, but love it. It makes me want to start listening to bird calls on my ipod like Jack Black does in “The Big Year” so I can know what it is even if I can’t get a picture.

I’m not outdoorsy, I hate the idea of traipsing through the woods trying to find a bird, primarily because I equate woods with ticks. Since ticks are in woods, woods are out. But, I do enjoy a pretty bird. And now, I can leave India with a few pictures of my beloved mynas.

Myna Birds | Flats to Lofts


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