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HYD Rock City

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Hyderabad is a city of rocks. Kerala is a state full of coconut palms. In Kerala you can’t see more than a few feet due to all of the trees. When we moved to Hyderabad, I was amazed by how far you could see. The only thing breaking up the landscape (not including the buildings and 8 million people!) are massive rocks. When I first started looking through Lonely Planet’s suggestions of things to do and see in Hyderabad, one thing listed was a rock preservation society.
Hyderabad Granite Rocks | Flats To Lofts

The rocks here are apparently granite (which makes sense since granite countertops are considered “builders grade” in most flats here.) Anywhere you go in the city you see groups of men and women breaking up these massive rocks. This preservation society it trying to get people to appreciate the rocks and learn how to incorporate them into structures instead of merely removing them.
Hyderabad Granite Rocks | Flats To Lofts

I love the rocks and wanted to go on a rock walk hosted by this preservation group, but they only have walks once a month and we seem to miss every one!
Hyderabad Granite Rocks | Flats To Lofts

I was excited that the night market had incorporated rocks as this was the first time I was able to get up close to them and actually take some pictures.
Hyderabad Granite Rocks | Flats To Lofts

Over the last few years I have really started to appreciate nature (though I prefer it to be at a distance where I remain clean), and the rocks were an unexpected find in this city in the desert. It might be because it reminds me of a childhood trip to make around the Great Lakes with a stop at the Wisconsin Dells, I don’t know. Either way, I appreciate the rocks of Hyderabad, and hope these pictures give you a glimpse at just how massive they truly are!

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