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Last Week: HYD Night Market

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We aren’t dead. We haven’t even been traveling. What have we been doing? I guess trying to figure out how to spend our  remaining time in India. We’ve book travel for our last trip to Delhi, talked with the airline we will be taking home, and decided to not think about packing quite yet. We also have made a “hit list” of places and things to do here in Hyderabad to make sure we don’t leave wishing we had done something. And so, last week . . .

Hyderabad Night Market | Flats to Lofts


Hyderabad Night Market | Flats to Lofts

Hyderabad Night Market | Flats to Lofts

Hyderabad Night Market | Flats to Lofts


Hyderabad Night Market | Flats to Lofts

What we actually did was visit a “little” night market. We thought it was going to be little, but in fact there were rock sculptures, a “living rock” “mountain,” bunnies in unfortunate cages, a massive Gulliver who looks more South American than European, and a slew of other unexpected finds. They had a zorbing pond that we were convinced we would get sick in the moment we tried and so avoided. All for an entrance fee of about $1, it created an interesting Friday night. We may have picked up a few final presents for a sister who I can’t seem to leave the house without buying something for (though she will kill me if I give you the impression that she pressures me to make such purchases), but overall, we marked it off the list as one more thing done, taking us one step closer to the end.

Our adventures are going to be heavy in pictures over the next few weeks which will hopefully make up for all the times I’ve failed to have pictures with a post. I hope you enjoy them as they mark our final journeys through India.

*It should be noted that Indians are typically substantially shorter than we are. They also do not smile in pictures, and so we tried to mimic a stern Indian look. Where we were “dressed up” like Indians, my shoulders are clearly sticking out, and in an attempt to get Evan’s 6’3″ frame into  a 5’7″ Indian man cut out he nearly dislocated his shoulder. We caused quite the scene, but were just thankful that Evan had misinterpreted his “injury” and the evening continued without a trip to the ER.


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