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Last week we visited to a small town about 5 hours away. Some people in big cities like Hyderabad would call this town and it’s surrounding areas of village, but having come from much smaller Kerala, it seemed like a small town to us. Small is, of course, relative when you are in India. Hyderabad has rouhgly 8 million people in it, and pales in size to cities like Delhi and Mumbai that are upwards of 20 million. Our “small town” in Kerala had about 1 million. No matter where you are in India, in major cities or villages, there is no shortage of people.

This town in particular, has a rather large idol in the city center. On our first trip, we were awoken around 6 am to a group of people “waking up” the idol by banging drums and chanting for quite a while. There appears to be a priest always on site though we never actually saw anyone making sacrifices to the idol. The morning we left, there was an odd number of people standing in the streets around the idol which forms a round-about, but still no idea if it had any connection to the idol itself.

Indian Life | Flats to Lofts

There wasn’t much else to photograph. And since we forgot the camera (again), that was okay with me. I always hate when you have the perfect photo op but don’t have the camera.

When we were waiting at the train station for our train to arrive, being only 1 hour behind schedule, we took this picture of a small girl carrying what seemed to be a very heavy bag. It’s not uncommon to see women carrying huge amounts of things on their heads, but it’s not as common to see younger girls with such a burden. She looks to be about 8-10. Indians are small and often malnurished, and so it isn’t always easy to guess a child’s age.
Indian Life | Flats to Lofts

We also had a surprise wedding caravan pass by. It was LOUD and went on for quite a while. But, this is India culture. Music is loud, colors are bright, food is hot. We don’t see things like this often, but we do constistenly stuble onto things that we have never seen before, and are likely to never see again. I tried to upload the video, but our internet doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Hopefully I can add it soon.

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