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Fancy Skewers

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Sometimes spending just a few extra minutes on presentation can make all the difference. I was responsible for providing breakfast for our Bible study group Sunday morning. I wanted something that would be quick and that could be prepared the night before. I decided on doughnut holes and fruit. But, in the interest of cuteness, I wanted doughnut kabobs. Unfortunately I was not able to find any nice ones. So, I purchased some cheap 12 inch bamboo skewers at the grocery store and cut them down to size. (I wouldn’t recommend this if you need a large number, but for the 14 or so I did it only took about 10 minutes.)


To finish off the ends, and help avoid splinters, I put a small piece of tape at the top of each skewer. I think it is the small touches like these that make all the difference in presentation. It may even convince people that your store bought doughnuts are homemade! I’d call that a success.


Pair this with some freshly cut pineapple and maybe some fruit dip, and you suddenly have a breakfast fancy enough to take to church, a party, or really anywhere.

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