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Ceiling Lights


We have basic, ugly, ceiling light in both bathrooms, and the kitchen, that need to be replaced. They are dingy, and especially in the kitchen, don’t offer enough light. We already replaced the light in our entry way with this one from Ikea.

enrty lightCalypso

My mom and grandpa picked it out last year, and we really like how it looks, and that it is close to the ceiling so we don’t have to worry about hitting it with either the front or coat closet doors.

In the kitchen we are thinking about some type of track light. Maybe these from Lowe’s:

kitchen lightTrack Light

But that still leaves us with nothing for the bathrooms. They have low ceilings so we need something smallish. What would you pick? The Calypso like in the entry way so we have some continuity throughout the loft, or something different?


2 thoughts on “Ceiling Lights

  1. You could try sconces, one on either side of the mirror, either mounted on the wall or hanging from the ceiling. Sconces light your face without the shadows you get from lights shining directly down on you from above. It’s usually recommended to hang them so the bulb is around 65 -67″ from the floor. There are a few lovely but inexpensive ones at those big box stores. Hope this helps!

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