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Framed Maps


I kinda like maps. Does that mean I’m from 1950 or 1996? Possibly, but that is okay. Sometimes the GPS doesn’t work or you don’t have it when you decide to take an unplanned trip to Chicago with your sister and brother to get Jamba Juice, because it’s only an extra hour or so from where you are.

So see? Maps are important. But, I don’t think the map of Colorado in my car from six years ago is really that useful at this point. Thankfully Pinterest had some fun ideas on what to do with it!


framed_maps_Pinterest{1 & 2 & 3}

Put it in a frame of course! I have four black frames without mats. Just another thing Ruthanne and Evan left at my house when they moved to India two years ago.

Awesomely enough I also have a wall that could use some frames. We had a lamp there before, but it is now in the guest room, so we needed something to fill the space.

Based on my inspiration pictures from Pinterest, I simply cut the map of Colorado down to size, making sure Colorado Springs was in the picture still since that is where Andrew and I first met, and inserted it into the frame.


I like how it looks, and once we get a few more maps framed it should be a fun addition to the living room. I think maybe we will do Florida, California, and Washington State. All places we have lived and love.


4 thoughts on “Framed Maps

  1. Hi! We’re right next to each other in Katie’s Link up, and we both used maps! Love it! And I love your framed map art!

  2. Love the maps framed! Check out my post Tray Chic to see how I used my map.

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