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Home Study

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We have our first home study for foster care tonight. We have locked up the medication, put up the cleaning supplies, cleaned our extra bedroom and tried to make it suitable for a child, and will be throwing  Sydney’s ball enough to make our arms sore in an attempt to wear out the little dachshunds before the social worker arrives.

We are trying to be realistic about how it will go tonight. The dogs will bark, they always do when people come over. But, we are prepared. We have new treats to distract them, and ultimately we believe that everyone who gives them a fair change will fall in love. We are secretly hoping that whoever shows up tonight has dachshunds too and will understand their slightly crazy behaviors!

We have been told at least twice now that our loft may be unsuitable for foster care. We love the wide open spaces, but know that not everyone else will. After all, this place did sit empty for at least two years before we bought it. (Although I think that has more to do with the black and orange stripes in the kitchen and entry way, and the fact that was ceilings were greenish-blue, and the walls were muddy brown.) We may be told to add a door to the spare room, which would be doable. We may be told to add a wall/door to the living room/master bedroom, which is possible, but would look terrible, turn Andy’s office into a dark dungeon, and likely cost more than we have in the bank right now.

Maybe we will be told we have super cute dachshunds, and an awesome house, and will be approved without problem. That is what we are hoping for. But, we also know this may not happen, so we are open to other options, and will deal with that when, or if, it happens.


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