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our lives within these walls


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Carbon monoxide can kill you. I know this because I’m from Florida and everyone there knows that every time we have a hurricane and lose power someone decided to keep their generator in the garage with the door closed so it won’t get stolen, and then the family dies from carbon monoxide poisoning. So, in an attempt to make the loft a safer place to be, we bought a carbon monoxide detector.


{get one here}

I went to Lowe’s  and asked someone where they were, this my husband would disapprove of because I should have just found them myself, but I was on my lunch break, and I said thank you twice, so I think we’re good.

It was about $17, and is battery operated, and even came with the batteries, which is pretty amazing I think! It also came with dry wall anchors to hang it up, but that seemed a bit much for something so light. I used a  3M adhesive  strip to hang it instead.


We decided to put it on the small wall between the water heater closet and the laundry room. The AC controls are already here, so it kinda fits in, and it is close enough to the bedroom to wake us up if it even went off in the middle of the night. It is really making the thermostat look bad, I am thinking about painting it white, or maybe replacing it.


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  1. At least you said Thank You …twice!

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