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Time For a New Puppy?

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The weather was beautiful last night, so I decided to take our dachshunds for a walk. I’m not sure what I was thinking though, since Andrew was at work. It was three against one. And while they aren’t large dogs, ranging from 12-18 pounds, they are strong, and managed to pull me around the neighborhood.


But, we made it home in one piece, and they were worn out enough to let me clean without being bothered. That is what I call success!


Ruthanne and Evan have their plane tickets home, scheduled for July 18th. The following week they will be in Louisville, and then we will be left with only one dachshund in the house. It is going to be lonely, especially for Pixie, and quiet with only one mouth barking at the neighbors.

We are considering adding a second puppy to the family. We haven’t made any decisions yet, but you can be assured that if we add another dachshund there will be pictures everywhere. It’s hard to resist such cute little faces.


Want to see more cute dachshund puppies? Here is Pixie as a puppy, and here is Roxy when she was still tiny.


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