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Perfect Rice

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Cooked-Rice{found here}

Rice. Most of the world lives on rice. Our previous home in India, Kerala, has a main dish called biriyani that is really nothing more than flavored rice with a bit of chicken or a few veggies thrown in for appearances. And most people eat this every day. In Japan, they even create rice field art. I don’t think there is much in the world prettier than stepped rice patties, but the art is pretty incredible as well.

ricefieldart14{find out more here}

Rice can be a little intimidating, and honestly, in America, we didn’t make it too often. When we did make it, I simply tried to follow the 2:1 ratio guidelines I learned as a kid and cook it until the water evaporated, hoping it would be finished cooking.

With coming to India, we have learned to appreciate the ease of rice. With a little seasoning it can be a great addition to so many meals. Thanks to Gordon Ramsay, we learned how to cook it perfectly every time.

So, in case you ever have rice woes, here it is.

2 parts water/1 part rice

Place the pot over high heat until it begins to boil

Reduce heat to medium, and cover for 8 minutes

“Stir” or fluff the rice with a fork to keep it light and airy

And, that’s it. Perfect rice every time!


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