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Indian Cooking Begins

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After 8 hours and trips to 3 different grocery stores, we made dinner! We attempted 6 different Indian recipes today, and though most of them include the same basic ingredients and spices, it still took the better part of the day to get to dinner tonight. Some were successes, one ended up down the “disposal.” But, we are trying to perfect a few recipes before we head home, that way we can cook some authentic Indian food for the family this summer.

I took some pictures but am too worn out to upload them want to keep you in suspense until the recipes actually appear in the coming days. Here are the highlights though:

– Evan grated 3 coconuts

– I washed every pot and plate in the house, some numerous times

– We have enough food left over to not cook anything tomorrow!

– 5 of the 6 dishes were vegetarian, and the one chicken recipe was the one that failed miserably.

– I used cauliflower for the first time ever. I’m not even sure if I have ever eaten it before today.

– Only once did food explode all over the kitchen; the counter, freshly cleaned dishes, windows, walls, floors, Evan

I hope this weekend you get to enjoy the spring weather, and I promise to rejoin the world of Flickr to have pictures to greet you on Monday!


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