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108 and Rising

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As the temperatures have soared to nearly 110 over the past month, our life has grown exponentially less exciting. I think it must be the heat. I realized today that I haven’t taken a single interesting picture since we returned from Nepal. I feel like a kid towards the end of summer who feels bored with nothing to do even though the days are inevitably filled with things that must get done.

Today one of those “must” items was heading over to our local movie theater for a 1:30 pm showing of Olympus Has Fallen. While grocery shopping at the mall (yes, the largest grocery store in town is located in the mall) yesterday, we decided to check out movie times in case there was anything interesting. And, as we have learned the hard way, when a movie is showing in India, it is best to see it sooner rather than later as some American movies won’t stay in theaters for more than 2-3 days. Since it is well over 100, I thought I wouldn’t need a jacket to take to the theaters with me this afternoon. Let me just say that I’ve never been in a colder room in all of India. . . ever! We must have been a sight! I pulled my arms into my shirt and then kept most of my face covered as well, in a massively unsuccessful attempt to conserve body heat. The fact that I was still cold after the 10 minute auto rickshaw ride home should give some validity to my thought that I was in the beginning stages of frostbite!

On top of becoming boring over the past month I also feel like we have stopped cooking, even though we rarely spend less than 2 hours a day doing just that. One thing that Indians continually ask us is what we eat. Being people who eat virtually the same dish for every meal of their life, and knowing that Americans typically don’t eat that dish, they can’t understand what in fact we eat. They are all aware of pasta and pizza, but that seems to be where their knowledge of American cuisine ends. Being overseas, I have become acutely aware of the never-ending variety found in America. We literally can eat anything we want. If it is produced on earth, we eat it. Or at least, we have the accessibility to eat it. That is hard to explain to someone who has eaten virtually nothing beyond rice and a few vegetables since birth. I am now, however, starting to wonder what in fact we do eat. I feel like Evan and I have started eating a lot of soup which seems odd for the hottest part of the year. But, it is typically faster to make than other dishes and once it is simmering you can retreat to the air-conditioned bedroom.

Tomorrow we will be attempting an all out Indian cooking day. It might result in a slew of Indian recipes coming your way. If you aren’t a fan of Indian food, these recipes are a good place to start as they changed my mind on Indian food. If you are a fan of “Indian” food in “Indian” restaurants in the States, you are in for a huge treat as some much better versions are coming your way!

Hopefully the self-realization that I have become boring will help make the next 6 or so weeks before monsoon comes and relieves us from the heat a little more interesting.


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