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Motion Sickness

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This picture was taken while packing for Nepal a few weeks back to discuss things-I-wouldn’t-pack-in-America-but-take-everywhere-now. Amongst various random items including sun screen, a flashlight, a candle, and over-the-counter medication is an air sickness bag.

Tips for Motion Sickness | Flats To Lofts

I kind of collect these. Not because I’m trendy or weird, or have any incredibly creative purpose for them, but because I get sick in the most inopportune times! I started getting motion sick in high school and it has never gone away, only worsened over the years. If you’ve never experienced motion sickness, you are uncommonly blessed and chosen. If you have, I feel your pain!

So, here are some tips for dealing with one of mankind’s greatest curses when Dramamine doesn’t work!

1. Pick up a bag the next time you fly and always carry it with you

2. Make sure to eat regularly when traveling. Even if you aren’t hungry, you don’t want an empty stomach.

3. Don’t eat or drink anything too sweet. Act as though you are already sick, even if you aren’t. Crackers and ginger ale go a long way here!

4. Don’t get over heated.

5. When flying, during take off and landing or turbulence, try to get your head as flat as possible. Rest it on your hand or the shoulder of the person next to you. It has something to do with your equilibrium, but if you can get your head flat it has a surprising effect on your stomach.

6. Vicks – I carry a tiny little jar of Vicks with me everywhere we go. Apply a little to your nose like you would when you have a serious head cold. It doesn’t last long, but the strong smell can take the edge off of motion sickness. I use it primarily during take off and landing, and when in a car.

7. Medication – most medication has little effect on my motion sickness. I’ve tried the pressure point bands, prescription drugs, ginger tablets, sucking on a whole clove, and most other things that well-wishers who have never been motion sick, or think they have but haven’t, suggest. The one thing that does seem to work is a rather intense and expensive patch call Transderm. It is strong and surprisingly effective. It does often give me the feeling of having a bad cold, but that is only if I wear the patch for more than 2 days, and goes away as soon as I take the patch off. If you haven’t found any other medication to help and you are planning a road trip through uncharted territories or with a really rough driver, it could be worth talking to your doctor about.

Hopefully you have never experienced motion sickness and don’t have the horrendous stories that I can share from 18 hour bus rides through the mountains of China to the potted plants outside of London Heathrow. But if you do, hopefully these tips will help you feel a little better about your next trip. If you have any others, I’d love to hear them as travel is a huge part of life right now and sickness is never far behind!


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