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Pleated Pillow


flats_to_lofts-pleated_pillow.1I may have a problem with pillows. I now have eight on our small bed. But since this one cost less then $4 I think it’s okay.

I wanted to try a sewing project with pleats so I purchased a couple of yards of plain white cotton fabric to match the mostly white bedding we have. I already had the pillow form so this was truly an inexpensive project for me to work on while Andrew was at work last night.

I was inspired by this pleated sweater project, but thought that a pillow could be just as fun.

My pillow was a 14 inch square and so I cut my fabric into a rectangle that was about 15 inches by 40 inches, so I would have a overlap on the back to tuck the pillow into and avoid having to use a zipper. (If you want a more detailed description on how to do this, this blog post has some easy to follow instructions.)

I cut three 2 & 1/4 inch by 30 inch strips of fabric and did a simple ziz zag stitch along each edge to help cut down on fraying. Then I centered the strips on the pillow fabric and pinned the pleats in place.


I then did I straight stitch down the center of each pleat. Of course you could sew along the top edge instead, but I liked the way the pleats looked with the stitch down the middle. I gives them a bit of a fluffy look, but at the same time it keeps them from folding up and needing ironed all the time.


Then I folded the the right sides together and stitched down either edge to complete my pillow cover.



2 thoughts on “Pleated Pillow

  1. really cute! great job! I also love your bedspread…did you make it?

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