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Curtain Options


After living in the loft for almost two years we have finally decided on a solution for the living room windows. They are taller than most standard curtains, so for the last year or so we have just had these sheer white curtains form Pottery Barn.


But, finding regular curtains that are also 124 inches long, and not $300 has been a challenge. So, we finally had the idea to buy regular panels and add a bit of fabric at the bottom for extra length.

Now, the problem is picking the color options. Because these windows are visible from 90% of the loft we decided to go with a solid color for the bottom instead of a pattern. But, do we go with white on top and grey on bottom or grey on top and white on bottom?


I think the white on bottom looks top heavy. Although this option might be better for blocking the light when we want to nap or watch a movie on a Sunday afternoon.

white_with_grey{these are the Ritva curtains from Ikea}

I like the way this looks, and think this is where we will end up. But, what would you do? More white or more grey? Or something else all together?


4 thoughts on “Curtain Options

  1. White with grey on the bottom. You are right, the grey on top looks top heavy, putting it on the bottom will anchor the curtain. Love the idea, very creative!!

  2. I also like the white on top and the grey panel on the bottom.

    Or, you could just buy additional white panels and make them all one color. If you plan on washing them, then the grey color might bleed onto the white or make the white a drab, dingy color. Sometimes, mixing colors with white is a bad idea when washing them.

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