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Loft Gardens


Gardening in a loft, or flat, with limited outdoor space can be a challenge. But, coming from a family of gardeners, I really had no choice but to start my own.

If you remember, I started several basil and lettuce plants in my window earlier this month. They have all sprouted and are doing well. Especially the different varieties of lettuce.


The original plan was to plant them outside in several pots last weekend. However, Kentucky’s weather didn’t cooperate with me, and we have since had several days of snow. If the forecast can be trusted, we should start to see more spring-like days in the coming week. So, the new plan is to get these little plants outside this weekend.

Our back porch works well for sun loving plants like these lettuces and basil. We also usually plant some flowers such as marigolds. They aren’t my favorite, but they are hard to kill, and my husband likes the orange color.


Another of my favorites for the sunny side of the loft is the sweet potato vine. These grow quickly and will last for years if you live in a tropical climate like my mom, or bring it inside during the cold winter months like I do. Ours has brightened up a corner of our living room since last fall, and should do just fine when I move it back outside this weekend.


I love the bright green, but they also come in a dark purple. I think I may need so get a couple more of each for this summer. They look great hanging down over the side of our balcony.

For the shade covered front porch I think I will stick with hostas this year. They are beautiful, and were abundant in our childhood yard in Michigan.

hosta_one_flats _to_lofts

I always missed their green leaves and tall flowers when we moved back to Florida, and was excited to get my very own plant my first week in Seattle. I have two that should come back this spring, but think that a few more could be fun. I’m not sure if one of these giant hoatas would grow in a pot, but I might try it anyway, just to see.



2 thoughts on “Loft Gardens

  1. Yes, your hosta should do just fine in a pot. I had one that was given to me a couple of years ago. I wanted to plant it in an area that was just too hard to dig up because of many roots from a nearby tree. So, I left it in a large pot and it kept coming back year after year. I live in Michigan too…and it does seem like everyone has at least one hosta in their garden!

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